Why False Cures Are Bad In Premature Ejaculation?


In this article, you will learn how and why false cures are bad and actually cause premature ejaculation. I will also show you some true cures that will help you be endless in bed. Let's get started.

This is the most important concept to understand in sex, in money, in health and in happiness “The short-term results and long-term results of an action are usually different and often opposite.” Let's bring food as a great example here. Think on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best, 1 being the worse). We can go out and eat fast food we consider a 10  in taste such as pizza, hamburgers and other stuff that tastes great. We feel good while we are eating the food, you know the flavors over the mouth and mm just delicious. Later we do not feel as good after eating it. It might feel like a stomach is spending more efforts to try to digest this food that's not meant for out belly and after we ate so much, our stomachs might hurt as well. Personally, how we feel on a scale of 1-10  will be around a 1-3. Bad fast food, the hamburger especially has so much fat and carbs that add to our belly and body over the years. That soda full of sugar will add pounds to our body and sometimes cause diabetes from the sugar. Did you know that in the United States the main source of carries comes from soda? And did you know that 75%  of United States Americans are overweight or obese? This is no coincidence.

Now if you eat a meal filled with whole foods that are non-organic processed such as organic carrots, grass-fed beef, organic vegetables, organic fruits, beans, and lentils, it won't taste as good as the fast-food you love in taste on a scale of 1-10 and how it tastes it might be a 4-6. But on a scale how you feel after eating like this everyday you will be a 9-10 in how you feel. You will be healthier, and you'll feel better at the same time.


So instead of spending the 4 hours of pleasure eating the foods that taste great and spend the rest of the 20 hours feeling pain, it's better to spend the 4 hours eating food which is good for you and tastes okay while the taste might not be the best and feel great the rest of the day. As you get used to doing in the short term actions which give you the long-term results. The eating the 10 healthy food you'll start liking the food even more. And when you cheat and eat somewhere that great tasting 10 food it will taste like 20.  Your brain will explode a flavor; it will just taste really delicious.

Now, what does this food stuff have to do with sex? A whole lot. It's all about the long-term effects and short-term effects of an action. When we see a doctor, many doctors will try to cheat symptom and not help cure our sickness or problem. If we have a fever, they might give us medicine to reduce a fever. Our bodies help us keep to get rid of the sickness. If we have a stomach ache, they may give us medicine to produce our stomach pains. Wouldn't it be better to find out why our fever and stomach pain happen and make changes, so it never happens again? Yeah, would. But it takes more effort and doctors don't have the time to help you with that. They also don't make money the drug companies give them to sign you those drugs to cure those symptoms.


Cure techniques are not a magic pill to make your symptoms disappear. They are problem-solving techniques. I want you to be able to forever get rid of these problems and have the best sex of your life, which is why we will talk about many of the false cures today. The very first one creams/liquids which will make your penis numb. First of it makes it difficult for us to ejaculate or even have an orgasm. And sometimes these creams inside condoms that numb us won't even let us get an erection. It's best not to use these and use premature ejaculation techniques that will make you last longer in bed.