How to Heal Warts Naturally


Welcome to learning a little bit about how to get rid of your warts and do it 100% naturally. I have a way to get rid of this like no other that you've ever heard of, and it's so simple, and it's not that expensive. And you could use these products for other things, not just warts. It's a universal tip and treatment to get rid of your warts naturally.

So let me tell you about these three items that you're going to need. Number one is a clean cotton swab, and you can use both sides as you're doing this process, but I love it because it's just an excellent way than using your finger. You're going to need 100% virgin coconut oil. Then you're going to need 100% pure oregano oil. So these are your three items. Now so simple what you need to do. This is just anybody can do this. What you're going to do is you're going to open the coconut oil, you're going to get enough of the solution from the coconut oil onto your cotton swab. Then you're going to open up your oregano oil, put several drops on here, I would say probably three drops at the most. You're going to have to coordinate this for yourself and how you're going to like it.


Just remember, you're using the coconut oil because it has a lot of antibiotics, antibacterial,l antifungal, antiviral properties. It's excellent, potent oil if you've never heard of it before. They have used this for many things in the Philippines versus just getting rid of warts; it is one of the things. So it's very universal.

The oregano oil is incredibly potent and may burn your skin a little bit and have a warming sensation. It's not going to be a third-degree burn or anything, but this is why you want to put these two together. The coconut oil will help soothe the skin. Oregano oil will assist to eliminate and fight the wart, to have it vanish.

You're going to need to combine these things together and do this for a period of, I would say a month, and it will go away. Sometimes sooner if you have a very clean diet where you add some raw vegetables and fresh fruits, and you blend those together, and you do just one shake per day with five or six different fruits and vegetables. This will help to boost your immune system along with using these products.


There are a lot of scams when it comes to oregano oil. I have used this a lot of times, it works on a wide variety of things, internally and externally. Externally though you're going to need to use the coconut oil, but internally it's not necessary unless you're using it under your tongue, and this is something you could also do to make sure that you help to get rid of this virus that's inside of your body. Warts are usually caused by a virus. You need to treat it externally and internally; then your warts will go away.

So get 100% pure oregano oil. This is from the Mediterranean; it's not from a plant from Mexico that some people are passing off, that's poisonous. It's not diluted with olive oil or any other junk that people put in to save money and rip people off. This is pure and the best you will not waste your money, this will last for quite a long time, it never expires, it does not need to be refrigerated, and it comes in an easy-to-use bottle that can be carried virtually anywhere.

This is not something you're going to need to take for the rest of your life, this is something that you're going to use short-term, 30-60 days, get your condition gone, and you will be on your way to being healthy again. Take these tips, get these products, get rid of your warts, get back on track.

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