How To Increase Female Sexual Drive Without Pills?

Female sexuality is something that you can't really understand. It has so many differences when being compared to male sexuality especially when it comes to sex drive. Treating a low sex drive in women is a lot harder than in men. For that very reason, most people would take pills just to deal with their sex drive. But despite so, female sex enhancer pills can really wreak havoc on women's body. There are other better ways to treat female low sex drive than taking some pills. Here are some of the best ways to treat low libido in women.

Eating Right


There are plenty of foods that you can eat if you want to increase female sex drive without pills. The first thing that you can do would be by trying to eat right on a correct diet. There are plenty of foods that you can try to increase your female sexual drive. Here are some of the best products that you can eat to enhance women's libido.


One of the best food that you can eat to increase female sex drive would be an oyster. Oyster is known to be aphrodisiac which means that it will increase the sex drive in women. The reason for such thing is because oyster can actually produce a high amount of estrogen in your body. The more estrogen that you have in your body, the more libido level you get to experience.



Other than an oyster, you should also try to eat more seafood because it is highly aphrodisiac for women. It is also known to increase the overall rate of blood flow in your body. For that very reason, seafood such as lobster and sea bass have been known to increase female libido.

Non-Pills Supplement

For women who are afraid of taking a pill, the supplement can always substitute it for a better form of medication such as patches and creams. There are plenty of creams that you can use to increase your sex drive as a woman. Here are some of the most common non-pill supplements that you can use to enhance your sex drive.

Viva Cream


Viva cream is known to be one of the cheapest female enhancement creams out there. It is a good way to pleasure yourself as it will increase the sensitivity in your genitals significantly. Viva cream itself is also very cheap as you will only need about ten dollars to purchase the product.

Climatique Cream


You can always use the Climatique cream as a way to enhance your sex drive. It is easily purchased as you will only need to pay around twenty dollars in order to buy it. It is also very efficient in dealing with a low sex drive as you will only need to rub it on your genitals and you will feel the menthol working directly. This cream is not only to enhance your sexuality as a woman, but it can also give you a bigger chance to reach orgasm.