How To Improve Sex With Foods?

We have all heard about aphrodisiacs but are they really the food that can increase your sexual appetite and improve your sexual health? Are these aphrodisiacs just a legend or are they really the food that we can eat to improve our libido and sexual pleasure?

Today I will discuss foods that have been shown to improve sexual prowess and sexual enjoyment.



Oysters are not only delicious, but they have the highest concentration of Zinc of almost anything out there. Zinc is really important part of our sexual health. It has to do with fertility and motility of your sperm, as well as just all the proper functioning of all of your organs. So not only get you to this state of arousal but to also help you follow through and actually get the most out of sexual engagement.

Other foods that are high in Zinc are brown rice, sesame seeds, poultry cheese and beans. All these foods that contain Zinc are not only helpful for us in our general health because Zinc is an essential part of our immune system and so many other organ systems. So Zinc is a really great nutrient for us. Another thing to know about Zinc is that a diet high in sugars, in saturated fats actually will take a Zinc from your body, kind of pulling whatever Zinc you might already have. o if you do have a diet high in saturated fats and sugar, you want to try a supplement with Zinc or just eat as many Zinc rich foods as possible.

So again that’s oysters, brown rice, other types of seafood and things like that we are going to get a lot of Zinc.



Sexual enhancement food number two is a little less suspected food, and that is celery. Celery is really great for circulation; it has a lot of other health benefits. It is going to be helpful food for general but is also has been found actually to help produce one of the male hormones. It is considered one of the pheromones, it is very responsible for attracting women. So celery is a really great food to increase in your diet especially for men. It is also very important for a woman as well, again because it helps with blood circulation and is going to assist in making all other organs systems run a little bit better and in that influence your sexual system, as well.

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